Special Programmes

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24 Hours Prayers

Prayer CityAccording to the vision of the General Overseer, prayers have been continuously said and prolifically exercised at the Prayer City since Monday 9th June 2000.  Praying without ceasing is a reality and the norm at Prayer City, no matter the day or time.

One commonality at the Prayer City is that you will always find people praying from your arrival to your departure.

Prayer City is an avenue of ceaseless intercessions and supplications, where diverse people from different nations all over the world and works of life go for a retreat or deliverance programme to entreat and wait upon the Lord.  In addition, there are trained Pastors on ground that counsel, assist and administer ‘prayer therapy’ appropriately.  It is a place where physical, emotional, psychological or spiritual ailments and problems are identified and addressed; a place where people discover and recover their lost destinies through answered prayers.

Power Must Change Hands (PMCH)PMCH

The Power Must Change Hands Programme holds every first Saturday of each month at the Prayer City and at various zones worldwide. It is a fasting and prayer programme, with the fast commencing at midnight on the Thursday of the PMCH week and continues right up to the Saturday.  The fast concludes after the PMCH Service. Specific prayers are also done during this fasting and prayer programme to bring down mountains of impossibilities, to pursue, over take and recover our lost possessions, to reclaim sovereignty, authority and power from the hands of the enemies of God’s blue print for our lives.

Our dynamic monthly Power Must Change Hand (PMCH) Programme where the miraculous abounds.


Prayer Rain

Prayer Rain

The Prayer Rain is a prolific prayer programme that holds at the Prayer City every week on Fridays. However, the programme does not hold on the Friday immediately preceding the Power Must Change Hands programme.



Anointing Service and Crusades Anointing Services

Yearly Anointing Service and Crusades are held in Africa, Europe, Asia, Northern and Southern America. These programmes are one or two day  deliverance events, where yokes are inexhaustibly broken by the raw power of the Living God.

Officiating Minister on all the Special Programmes above: Dr. Daniel Olukoya, General Overseer, MFM Worldwide.

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